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Pulse-Jet Ignition

Revolutionary high performance ignition

A direct comparison between a standard spark plug and Pulse-Jet Ignition.

No other modifications were made.

About Us

Pulse-Jet Ignition came into being as a product of developing BMW Motorcycle engines for aviation use, the benefits of the system were then utilised in the Race and Road versions of our engines.  

For 100 years or so 99% of petrol engines ignite their fuel by means of a single spark, Pulse-Jet Ignition changes all that! Steve Scriminger, since winning "Apprentice of the Year" three times with the M.O.D. back in the 1980's has strived to improve the thermal efficiency of the petrol engines, inventing and developing various systems along the way. Steve made his living developing ground based engines for aviation where thermal efficiency and reliability are paramount. Pulse-Jet Ignition is the culmination of years of work and development. Due to the lack of Lay-By's at 3k feet Steve used Historic Racing as a proving ground. Most performance improving devices increase the pumping capacity of the engine ultimately using MORE fuel, Pulse-Jet Ignition improves the burn efficiency of the existing fuel REDUCING emissions and improving MPG.

Our Projects

We are able to optimise our system for your specific engine requirements, above is a Mecachrome Race engine we designed, manufactured and supply inserts for. 

A PJI14LR Insert for a 2 valve BMW engine

 This insert is designed specifically for the Iconic BMW Boxer engine


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